To believe or not to believe

And my ….. I want to say that you should remember what i told you before. There is a God. Don’t forget to learn about him. (He isnt a man or woman). Do you know it is like working somewhere. Assume that you are a nurse and you wanted to work as a nurse at a hospital. Boss of the hospital says if you apply for the job then at the end of the month you will have the salary. Think that you dont apply to the hospital because you dont like boss. if you start workin as a nurse in the hospital without application , at the end of the month the boss wont give you a salary. It is also valid in the real world. You are doing many good deeds i am sure. But to get results from God , you should expect a benefit from God. As I said before, after we die.,we will come to life again and there will be a court. Will be asked about our deeds. If we did a lot and expect from God we will have a lot of gifts. But if we didn’t apply to God, there will be no body to give us gifts.

And you may ask how can I be sure that we will be come to life again after we die.

To understand the God’s existence, there is need to know technology, geology, computer scieence, astronomy, architecture. because our world and sky is made by those sciences altogether . And one more thing we should use one more thing is the Quran or the message of God to us. without reading Quran, we can understand that there is a superpower or God in the universe , but we cant know who is and what his relation with us.

Scientificly its possible come to life again. If you use my DNA and can copy my memory, you can give me a new personality after I die. Its not possible to do at the moment but will be possible in the future. Its like computer. When you have the hardware , then you upload the memory, everything will be the same like before. And for God it is possible. You know there are about 400000000000000000000 stars in the space at the moment. So God is has the power and knowledge to do so.

We may have ideas about how must be a God but we can not define or make determination. His existence may be contradict our ideal God. But we can not change it. The God wont change himself because we want. And our ideas wont change the reality. We are so small and have short life.

You may wonder why he doesn’t speak with us. It!s like the relation between us and chickens. If the chickens could be able to speak with us, first thing they would want us not to eat them. But we dont understand eachother. They live happily to the time we eat them and then die. Its the same(difference is our IQ capability and expectation from god). If we could be able to speak with God , we would say dont give me a death or to our families. But if the God accepts it, there will be no place for our children in the world. And otherwise if the God says directly ‘no’ to people, they will course to him. And the other topic is he doesnt need us as much as we need him. If no body knows about God nothing will happen to him. But if he don’t remember us we cant survive a second. So we arn’t equal with God also. Even we may not like his doings like he made us dependent on animal meat . Without eating it we cant survive. But it’s the reality. We can’t change it. We cant say that I dont like it so it musn’t exist. So its natural for us not like everything God has been doing. We are not God’s court to judge him. We are poor temprorary human beings , living things.

Assume that we will live to the age of ninety. To the that time everyday we think that we can die today,tomorrow or later. And from the time being we get older and go away from our tastes . So always we think about death desperately when get older and older. There must be a hope for us. We are not chickens to be happy only with food. We can think about the future and we have hopes and dreams.

In one side you know life is meaningless. because how much you care about your health, anwway at the end you will catch an illness and die, how much you work you will lose them one day, how much you love you will lose your love one day. as a human being we need a different aspect to be happy. and this must be a reality must not a fairytale .

All the cars are look like each other, they have similar appearance. there is no man car, there is woman car, they don’t eat, they dont grow, they cant speak, they cant understand. But they need an engineer. How about human being? They alse need an engineer.

Have you ever seen any of those engineers? probably not, but why you believe?
So its a very simple and understandable example. The knowledge in human body is much more precise, complex and need very highy mathematical engineering, astronomy, geology, biology, physyology… How can you make yourself believe there must be an engineer but there is no God?
Do you see the similarity between car engineer and The GOD?