I named it… Western ideology doesnt name it but exploit it . Only prohibits openly showing tips and holes but getting a lot money from edges of it. Using millions of women directly or indirectly for earning  money . To sell all kind of material by using women as paraprostitues. And also to buy and sell womens genitals is freedom (whorehouses) but hiding womens’ body is very very harmful. So if you pay you can buy everything even buy a women ,completely her body , her labour, etc but it is very very big fault and crime   to prohibit usage of women as prostitutes or paraprostitutes since its a shame for human honour.  You are corruptred christians .   Alhamdulillah I am a muslim and everything is so clear in our book Quran. I demand world and hereafter, you demand only for this world. There is no sincerity being christion you live like atheists.

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